Aperture Platforms

Aperture Platforms

Aperture Platforms

Aperture platforms can be affixed to shadecards, presenters and giant folders or can be produced as a stand alone component.

The principle of the aperture platform is that the product surface is flush with the surrounding platform which hides the cut edge of the product from sight. The product can be affixed with adhesive in the aperture or can be a friction fit allowing your customer to handle the material to assess the finish and see the reverse side.

The need to sample texture, feel of solidity and suitability for purpose is often easily achieved with loose piece sampling – especially if the reverse of a product is an important selling feature.

Loose piece samples can also easily be positioned against other materials and colours allowing selection to be made with greater confidence.

Aperture platforms can be printed as part of the design or can be produced for example in foam as part of the construction and we can advise according to customer use, product size and weight.

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