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Custom Shade Card Designs

2 4 6 or 8 page
with cut edge
or turned over edge
the choice is yours

Material samples affixed
on either one side or both
sides of the shadecard

Shadecards with or without
punch holes for use with
ring binders can be finished
with a cut grey board edge
or paper turned over edge


Bespoke Presenters

Multi-page presenters with material samples affixed on either one or both sides

Pages fold out from an outer case to create range and collection material samples in one view

Options for room set images and larger impact material sample pieces

Various print and laminate finishes


Giant Presentation Folders

Full size material samples that show the whole design

Provides sampling of the complete material showing all the pattern, grain and colour

Finish with re-inforced cut out handles, corner protectors and fabric bound folds

Giant folder

Custom Swatches

Your material range
in one easy
to use format

Range and collection
material samples
collated in order
with labels affixed

Printed header
with various
handle options


Bespoke Packaging

Whatever you need
to sell
your product

Material samples
collated and packed
in presentation
packaging as you require

Multiple options
for print finishes,
handles and closures

Bespoke packaging

Swatch presenters

Easy to use
large format
material sampling

Large size material
samples collated
in order with labels
affixed or ink jet printed
reverse information

Various header, print finishes
and handle formats

Swatch presenters

Sample Packaging

Cost effective
high impact sampling
by post

Size specific and branded
packaging for personalised
material sampling

Ideal for on-line
sample requests

Sample packaging

Aperture Platforms

Hide the edge and let your customer handle the material

Platforms with print or as part of the construction allow loose piece material sampling

Your material finish and reverse side can be handled and assessed

Material samples can be positioned against other materials and colours

Aperture platforms

Bespoke Headers

Your material
with all the
design details

Printed headers
affixed to what ever
size of material sampling
is required

Various print finishes
to co-ordinate with
your branding

Bespoke header

Boxed Presenters

For the maximum
impact of your
material collections

Strong printed box presenters
containing individual shadecards
and presenters

Multiple options for print
finishes, handles and closures

Boxed presenters